In his search for the meaning of life, US author John Strelecky landed a global bestseller with his first book “The Café at the Edge of the World”, which has been followed by six more to date.

After several years as a strategy consultant for companies, he wrote the story of the “Café on the Edge of the World” after a trip around the world – as a completely inexperienced author until then. Initially self-published, the book began its triumphal march around the world and has now been translated into 43 languages.

The success of his first book inspired him to continue writing, including numerous café sequels, Safari of Life, the Big Five for Life series and many more. With his Big Five for Life seminar concept, John Strelecky aims to help people develop their life or business goals. A central idea here is recognizing one’s own purpose of existence (PDE) and reconciling this with work.

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