Every year, the speaker board consists of top-class keynote speakers from all over the world. Among them are Nobel Prize winners, scientists, politicians, professors from renowned universities, authors and many more. The speakers usually have little or nothing to do with the real estate industry and are intended to inspire our participants to think outside the box. Because that is how innovation is created.

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Donald Sadoway
Donald Sadoway
Swedish trend spotter
re.comm 2013
Eliza Filby
Generation expert
re.comm 2024
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Director Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University
RE.COMM 2018
Geoffrey West
Geoffrey West
Physicist, pioneer of complexity research
RE.COMM 2023
Wilhelm Bauer
Wilhelm Bauer
Bestselling author & economist
re.comm 2012
Greg Lindsay
Greg Lindsay
Futurist and mobility expert
RE.COMM 2022